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In each campaign, create separate groups for each of the products, brands or types of service offering ads. Each ad group can contain a group of closely related keywords and ads that match the specific theme. This way, your ads can highlight exactly what the customer is looking.


Use specific keywords directly related to the theme of the ad group and landing page. Keywords that are too general may reduce performance by generating many ad impressions but few clicks. Key words formed by a single term are more likely to be too generic. Therefore, it is best to use phrases of two or three words. To generate ideas for keywords.


Include your keywords in your ad text (especially the title) to show users ads that are related to their searches. If your ad shows when a user searches on a keyword in the ad group, the keyword will appear in bold in your ad text.

Work with Google AdWords Express ad that promotes your company stand out and attract customers. Your ad can appear when a person who is in your neighborhood search for keywords related to your business on Google, Google Maps or Google.

Your ad can appear when a person who is in your neighborhood search for keywords related to your business on Google or Google Maps.

Your ad will consist of the following parts:

TITLE: The title is a blue text at the top of the ad. When a client click on the title will access the landing page you specified for your business.

SIGNAL ON THE MAP: In the notice the blue pushpin displays AdWords Express. When a customer clicks on the blue pin will access the location of your business on Google Maps.

INFORMATION CONTACT: The address and phone number of your business will be displayed, according to the data you specified in your AdWords Express account.

DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS: Exhibits the strongest selling points of your business by describing the products and services offered. You can also include special offers for customers.

URL: Show the URL of your business (whether it is to your website as your local Google+ page [1]). You can use URL different for each of your ads.

STARS AND COMMENTS: stars and comments will appear in your ad if your business has more than 2 comments and a score of more than 4 stars.

To promote your ad will attract more customers and more clicks, also we use the information you provided about your business to create and test an alternative ad. Then we publish both the original and the new ad to determine which one is more effective. If we find that one of the ads is consistently getting better performance publish that ad more frequently.