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Improve your online presence

What is having an online presence?

October 20, 2022

Imagine that the face of your company is your face and you have to make it visible with all the possibilities that you have within reach and that you are looking for, it is like generating the presence of your business or company website. In the online world, companies offer their products and services to clients and nearby audiences, take advantage of the tools of the sites and spaces on the web according to the intended character of each one, generate communication with the uses of the platforms that promote actions sales and apply marketing strategies

In this article we explain the meaning of online presence, that is, how you can have the identity and communication of your business or company in the digital world.


Having an online presence means having visibility on digital platforms as a first step, second, being recognized in our sector and generating a good reputation with our clients by offering our products and services, as well as communication with partners, future and current clients, is important. , because it means that we make efficient use of it.

The online presence has tools available to everyone such as a website, directories and company locators and, of course, social networks for content generation.

Brand Image


The brand image is an element of the online presence and also plays a key role when it comes to wanting to establish itself in the mind of the public, this is the creation of the conditions and graphic layouts in terms of colors, typography, etc. that identify the company, the creation of a website as formal support of the company, the use of a blog to keep the public that follows them informed, on the other hand, the constant use of social networks, are key factors to consolidate online presence, in addition to other techniques such as staff training in SEO, constant activity on networks, online advertising and other actions to increase the company's interaction in the digital space.

Strategies for having an online presence

To have better results, companies use more appropriate techniques, tactics and tools to achieve greater online positioning, among them may be:

Web page

The first thing to consider in this topic is the creation of a web page due to the credibility that can be gained from the public and the formality that it implies, that is why you must have a web page for your company or business according to a design, that a web designer can do it, the data is there, but the web pages must be adapted in relation to the identity of the brand (logo, colors, typography) explaining and describing the products and services that you offer in your sector.

Positioning in search engines

With the help of an SEO, an expert in search engine optimization, is another of the tools to start up and generate traffic within search engines, users use search engines to find information about a product they need or intend to buy, for obvious reasons. Sites that are filtered out of search results on the devices they use have a greater advantage in getting more customers interested in buying and opening the way to transaction and commerce.

Investment in positioning actions in SEO or SEM are of great value for the company, it is the result of the online presence that every organization wants. Large companies invest in these resources because they consider a potential tool to be present in the online world.

Launch on social networks

With the help of the social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube it is possible to increase your online presence, it is important to have these tools because they help to retain customers with the service you offer, in addition to communication and exchange ideas give you more openness because you consider the opinions of your public that follows you, you understand their needs and in this way you improve the offer, the presence on these platforms will allow you to have a greater capacity to connect with clients generating greater achievements and objectives of presence and marketing in the virtual world.

To end:


Online presence means the incorporation of activities, strategies and the application of techniques, put to the test daily by those in charge of the matter, specialized in the creation of content to be disclosed on websites, traffic management in search engines, search to generate sales. , and the promotion of the corporate brand. In short, these efforts constitute the representation of the brand and the external vision in digital spaces.

The call is open, so that in a few steps and clicks you are ready to invest your time, dedication and resources, to establish yourself in the web space and have greater scope for your goals such as the clients you want so much, monthly sales. , and the positioning of your brand.