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What opportunities does the online world offer?

March 14, 2023

The evolution of new technologies has brought with it the formation of new lifestyles and society in the 21st century, it is normal to find a person in each place interacting with their digital device to communicate. From the virtual identity that you have as a subject and group entity (company, institution, organization, etc.), you have to take into account that this identity breaks into everyday life, it is important to adapt to acquire benefits from it.

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Productivity in companies

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In the vast digital world, digital technologies and platforms can reduce transaction costs for businesses and facilitate access to new customers, both in the domestic and foreign markets. For example, suppliers who rely more on e-commerce can reduce distribution costs, especially for digital products. In addition, digitization can increase the productivity of companies and provide new possibilities for entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation according to the UN in 2019

Now it is essential for companies of any kind and productive activity, to have their online presence through the platforms currently used, such as websites in search engines, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

While it is true, previously, marketing strategies had a greater presence in the physical world in a traditional way. But with the development of new technologies, the presence of products on the internet has increased, so the opportunities that the online world can facilitate are many, including getting new customers. When a customer visits a company’s website, a lot of information about what is offered is available, followed by products or services directly from the website or from an application.

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Communication channels

In the digital world the existence of tools such as social networks, can be defined as a set of Internet-based applications made in web 2.0 that supports the development and change of user content generators, therefore, are virtual spaces obtained by companies, a social network offers its participants the opportunities to find social support, plant new contacts, prolong collaborations, boost creativity, to change information, therefore these are elements that are exploited to the maximum by companies, being considered as the greatest opportunity to promote sales, traffic and interaction with customers, an approach based on commercial relations, business identity and consumers seeking a successful communication wave.

To consider:

The constant use of the tools offered by the online world facilitates the relationships of companies with the target audience. The online world is an alternative way of non-traditional communication where it is feasible to carry out advertising, marketing, external and internal communication activities, in this way, companies take advantage of these guidelines to make use of their visual identity, generate content, promote their services, products and establish interactions with their customers.

One of the greatest advantages in communication management is to allow the administration of a brand, with the proper use of images, arts or visual products, in short, what is now known as online content is generated and is the most information generated in the minds of the customer and the public, facilitated by commercial actions between the customer and the entity.