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What are Marketing Campaigns?

September 20, 2023
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Marketing Campaigns

A Marketing Campaign is a set of strategies designed and executed in different media to achieve objectives of notoriety such as publicizing a product or service whether new or not, of sales to increase the sales of a business or just gain recognition.

An advertising campaign must be planned very well and the message that is transmitted in a campaign is a fundamental part, the message must be brief so as not to bore the public, you must take care of the tone, the words, in which medium the message will be spread, for which audience is targeted etc. The more orderly and coordinated the plan is, it will get better results, since a poorly elaborated advertising campaign can cause a bad image and reputation.

The idea is to plan what will be done, execute the planned actions and analyze the results to finally know if the campaign was successful or not.

How to plan an advertising campaign?

Define objectives

You must define what you want to achieve with the campaign, whether it is recognition, increased sales, introducing a product to the market, generating interest, knowing more about your audience, etc. You must define clear objectives, because without objectives, how will we know if the campaign was successful or not?

Target audience

Defining your target audience is important to avoid misunderstandings, you must know their likes, dislikes, what they have in common. If you do not know your audience, you will lose time and money.

Way of publicizing

Once the objectives of the campaign and the target audience have been defined, the next step is to define in which media the message will be disseminated, either in traditional media such as radio, television, a poster on the streets or through an advertising video on social networks.


You must take into account the budget you have, evaluate the size of the project, the cost of each detail that is needed, you can develop campaigns with a low budget, it depends on the scope you want to achieve and the objectives you set. For example, don’t expect to increase your sales by 50% if your advertising investment is small, how will they buy you if they don’t know you? How will they buy you if they don’t trust you?


Every campaign must have a beginning and an end. Advertising campaigns can’t be very long, the consumer doesn't like to watch the same thing over and over again, what you can achieve with that is to be annoying and generate negative emotions. There is also a need to measure results in order to know if the objectives were achieved, if the campaign is very long or never completed, no results could be obtained from the actions implemented.

Reasons for launching a marketing campaign

There are several reasons why marketing campaigns are initiated, including:

1. Recognition

Brands need to make themselves known, build trust and credibility. A good reason to start a campaign is to make your business known, reach more people and earn the trust of consumers, so consumers will see you as an option when they need products or services of your category.

2. Launching a product or service

This strategy is used by millions of companies in the different industries that exist. The goal is to create expectations of a new product before it is available for purchase in the market and that the public can know it beforehand.

At every moment we can see campaigns of this style, for example, this strategy is used in the film industry, to create interest and expectations the cinema performs different actions, one of them is to show reviews of the film. So far in 2023 the film with the biggest campaign has been Barbie.

Another example is Apple, this company always releases reviews about their new products before they are available, creating excitement, interest and curiosity in their consumers.

3. Relationship with the audience

By establishing a closer relationship with consumers you make them feel sympathy with you, you create trust and credibility, you establish your business in their mind and in this way they will remember you and consider you as a good buying option.

With digital marketing you can now achieve it very easily on social networks, there are different platforms to present your products or services through entertaining content.

Here is an example of a hypothetical situation

Imagine that you have a business of yoga classes, most of your students are women between 25 and 30 years, they arrive in the morning and like to start their day doing yoga and then start their working hours. Knowing this, you can start a campaign encouraging young women to start their day with yoga to have energy the rest of the day and achieve everything they propose day by day, making them feel empowered and they can do everything they propose. The message could be spread through a video on social networks. The aim would be to increase the number of students and gain recognition in the area of residence and in industry.


➢ A marketing campaign is made in order to promote a service, a product, a promotion or make a business known.

➢ A marketing campaign must be planned from start to finish to be successful.

How can we help you?

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