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What's marketing?

March 29, 2023

Marketing can be defined in many ways, according to the Real Academia Española (RAE) "Marketing is the set of strategies used to market a product and to stimulate its demand". We can say that marketing is all those strategies and activities that a company, brand or person executes to make themselves known. These same strategies allow a brand to achieve its goals.

Marketing is a process where a company seeks a specific market, analyzes it in such a way that it discovers its needs and how to make them want to satisfy those needs through a product or service, formulates strategies to catch the target audience, finally implements them and analyzes the results.

Marketing helps those who use it to expose ideas, services or products in an effective and different way. Without Marketing business would be easily forgotten and would not prosper, for consumers it would be harder to find products and know which product is more beneficial. Marketing helps consumers to have variety and choose for their benefit. It is a process where both the supplier and the consumer benefited.

Marketing can even help you to know what kind of business you should start, since it helps you to know what the consumers are looking for, giving you the answer of what you can offer.

The process of analyzing the audience is extremely important because the more you know your audience, the better marketing strategies you will have and you will know which services or products you should offer them. This is a process where the results will always change, it is not constant since a new need is always discovered in the public, so consumer analysis is a study that must be done constantly.

Preferences, consumption habits, buying behaviors (where they buy, when they buy, why they buy etc.) are elements that are analyzed to create a marketing strategy.

This analysis helps you to:

  • ● Detecting new needs in consumers, in this way you can always innovate and create new products or services.
  • ● Detecting changes in consumer preferences, in this way you can adjust or modify existing products or services to satisfy your consumers and not lose them.
  • ● Detecting which channels are most beneficial to contact consumers.
  • ● Detecting which channels are most beneficial to offer your products or services.

Another important function of marketing is the analysis of the competition. Analyzing your competition can help you to know how to innovate, what new things you can offer to consumers, how you can stand out, which mistakes not to make etc.


  • ● Marketing doesn’t create needs, it discovers them.
  • ● Consumer analysis is a study that must be done constantly.
  • ● Analyzing your consumers and your competition is important.