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Why should you create a blog?

May 03, 2023

A blog is a website with a personal journal format. The content is frequently updated and displayed in chronological order (from most to least recent) (Pérez & Merino, 2016).

Having a blog makes your website look more professional and makes you look as an expert on what you do, your audience will have the perception that you know what you’re talking and doing. That’s how you start to build trust in your audience, the chances of being contacted in case more doubts arise or the chances of people wanting to hire a service increase, in the same way your website might be recommended by more people. Sometimes you may not make immediate sales but if one day they need what you offer, they will surely come back to you because of the trust they already have in you.

A blog is a way to optimize your SEO, in addition to informing the public, it helps a website to have a better position on Google. If you are consistent you can become a reliable source, people will come to your blog and the more they read your blog, the greater brand recognition you will get and improve your position in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. This way you have the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

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Your blog can work with your business’s social media, you can post on your social media content related to your blog articles, such as providing brief information on a topic and then sending readers to the blog to read more about the topic. In this way you generate relevant and interesting content for the public on all your platforms

Tips for creating a blog

  • ● Relevant content
  • The content of your blog should be interesting and relevant, you should help your audience to solve their doubts, possible problems and bring some value to your readers. In the same way it should be original and current content, you must take care not only to copy and paste information, try not to publish information that is old especially if they are statistics as percentages or others.

  • ● Appropriate Topics
  • With appropriate themes we mean that if you sell curtains, you will not talk about plants, unless somehow the plants relate to your curtains. As a business you want your blog to be a medium where the audience falls in love with your services/products to encourage them to purchase them.

  • ● Relevant pictures
  • The images are important to get users' attention, but you can’t put a picture just because it's "pretty", it should be relevant with the theme you’re talking about, just like we previously said you can’t talk about plants if you sell curtains, you can’t put plant images if you’re explaining how to put a curtain. Likewise, the main image should be striking because it will be the first image that readers will see when they explore your blog.

  • ● Structure
  • The structure of how the blog is organized is important, because if it is disorderly and visually unattractive, users will most likely leave the website, you must add eye-catching titles, readers need to be interested in reading the article, also to help them know if the information you are offering them is what they need. Organize the images well, add nice typography and do not write long paragraphs because the reader gets tired easily

  • ● "Call to action" button (CTA)
  • You can add a button to encourage people to perform an action, this action could be to contact you by call/message, subscribe to your blog to let them know every time there is a new article, free trial of a service (such as free trials offered by Spotify), share your content on social media or any other option.


  • ● You can start a blog to optimize the SEO of your website.
  • ● A blog is a very useful tool to start the marketing of your business.
  • ● Trust and professionalism is generated through a blog.
  • ● You reach a larger audience with a blog.
  • ● Your blog can work with your social media

If you are looking for an agency to start your website and blog, you can contact us to start your project.